For the Precious Cross and Golden Freedom

To be at the same time defiant and obedient:  defiant to the world, and obedient to God and the internal murmur of St. Lazar’s Kosovo Battle, which in every Serb’s soul calls him to Christian freedom:  “For you, brothers, are called to freedom” (Gal. 3:13). 
At the same time to renounce the earthly kingdom for the sake of the Heavenly, yet to fight for the earthly to the end, with the awareness that in it the Heavenly begins already.

Grant, O God, that this golden longing take deeper root in our souls than breath itself.

Grant, O God, to live for this Freedom and  to die to sin and death, to be freed by Thy Freedom, O Lord.

Let the battle be unceasing! The battle of loyalty to the holy crown of the Nemanjić dynasty – for Serbian unity – The battle against sin – for the Heavenly Kingdom, for the Orthodox soul and spirit of Serbia, for Serbian holiness – Svetosavlje.

The battle for these ideals, even without a final victory is Serbian salvation and Serbian Freedom. May the battle be unceasing, may both our peace and our war be for the Serbian Autocratic King, the Precious Cross and Golden Freedom, even in these days when we have been defeated. Our battle begins again, for it is not finished and never shall be.  

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