Spiritual Care

Special attention of the expert staff of the camp is directed towards the spiritual aspect of life at the camp and catechism.  Every day at the camp is organized so that, without  excessive force which could be counter-productive, in every segment of the camp, life according to faith will be practiced.  The day begins and ends with prayer, and the daily activities, besides catechism classes, will always be interspersed with some spiritual elements.  Every meal will be begun and concluded with group prayer, and the songs around the campfire as well will be a mix of pious and patriotic.

Furthermore, during the ten-day camp period,  the expert staff will provide for at least two Liturgies held in the forest, one of which may be with the participation of the bishop.  Likewise, the daily activities of the camp, besides the physical, will include instruction with various patriotic and spiritual themes, along with memorizing prayers and pious songs.  In other words, the organization of the camp places spiritual activity and religious education as a central priority.

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